Darpan, The Mirror of Our Lives

Darpan, a fresh face in the midst of strong foray of Bengali drama in Mumbai. Why it was formed? What is the necessity of another new team? To answer these questions, we have to trace back to early seventies of last century, when few energetic youngsters of Mumbai gave birth to Uttar Sadhak, under patronage and guidance of late Shri Amal Dasgupta with utter determination to reform the socio-cultural arena of Bengali population in Mumbai. Uttar Sadhak staged a large number of “different” plays which struck the audience in such intensity that within few years it was recognised by almost every Bengali in town. Later with sad demise of Shri Amal Dasgupta, and under other unavoidable obstacles Uttar Sadhak could not sustain. But what’s in a name? “It will rise again”, was the dream among all of us and now it did. Few students of Shri Dasgupta took it as a challenge and a flock of dynamic, enthusiastic youngsters united again to form a new team to mesmerize the audience of Greater Mumbai with a “different”  taste of stage production, which will not only entertain you, but will make you think twice much after the performance. Thus Darpan was formed.